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Birthdate:Jan 5
About me
Hello there, Mitsu here!

On LiveJournal I'm mostly known under my nickname Mitsu!
I'm active on LJ (and not so known) as AozoraSubs, JUMPnoArika, Janiizu-Station and JuyoErai's k-timer/KFX maker (primary positions)/timer/typesetter/encoder (very sorry for my very poor works, hopefully I do minor job)... I like watching funny dramas, variety shows and listen to colorful music... And you can guess what I'm fangirling over :P It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Our motto:“No rush no rush Almond Rush!!”

“Never give up on what you have already started, somewhere it has its start and somewhere it has its end. No matter where.”

“You will never know unless you won't try. So go ahead and change yourself!”

Sorry my English is still kinda weird.

Still wanna know more?
Be prepared about me being self-centered and read a very long boring life of me.

I'm a very unimportant person here in the fandom, I'm watching over all of you from the shadows... Just continue in your work and don't mind me.

A person who's bored all the time and because of that does subbing since 14. A person who has no friends and likes to talk with her own self. A pretty boring life, right? Well, that's real life and you can do nothing with it... Unless another person appears and saves or helps you. But you know what? I don't plan to do something with my life because I don't care about my life, so whatever happens to me, either good or bad, I won't care.

From the start I joined AozoraSubs as the second k-timer. I supposed not to sub too much, let's say I was something like a part-time member there but then it turned out to be opposite. From a minor k-timer I have turned into a temporary manager (oh someone even said boss). Yeah, thankfully, just for a temporary time. I'm also the co-founder of JUMPnoArika community, which started with SuiYan. And I tell you, managing two communities is no fun after all...

Subbing groups
AozoraSubs | JUMPnoArika | Janiizu-Station | JuyoErai

My Twitter | AozoraSubs Twitter | JUMPnoArika Twitter | Janiizu-Station Twitter
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arioka daiki, blogging, chinen yuuri, drawing, dreams come true, furuhata ninzaburo, gokusen 3, hanzawa naoki, hey! say!, hey! say! 7, hey! say! best, hey! say! jump, hidarime tantei eye, hitomi no screen, inoo kei, japan, johnny's & associates, johnny's entertainment, jpop, jump no.1, jump world, kindaichi shounen no jikenbo, koishite akuma, magic power, mayonaka no shadow boy, morimoto ryutaro, nakajima yuuto, nakayama yuma, nyc (band), okamoto keito, over, piece, primadam, risou no musuko, school kakumei!, scrap teacher, sensei wa erai!, share house no koibito, shounen club, showa×heisei, singing, super delicate, takaki yuya, tantei gakuen q, ultra music power, writing, yabu kota, yamada ryosuke, yaotome hikaru, your seed/bouken rider
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